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Frequently Asked Questions

I was arrested for DWI.  Is my driver's license suspended?
WARNING!!!  You have 15 days from the date notice of suspension is given by the arresting agency (generally, the date of your arrest) to schedule an Administrative License Revocation hearing to fight your suspension!!!  If you do not schedule a hearing, your license will be suspended automatically.  Our office can schedule this hearing and represent you during the hearing.  Call our office today to schedule a hearing to prevent the automatic suspension of your driver's license!!!

Is it expensive to hire an attorney to represent me?

No. Good representation should be affordable at a reasonable fee. Do not be misled into believing you have to spend more to get good representation.

How will I pay for legal representation?

Our office has payment plans available at affordable, competitive rates for any offense charged. Our payment plans work around your budget.  Credit cards are accepted.

Do I need to bring money to the first appointment?
No. The initial consultation is FREE. The purpose of the initial consultation is to discuss the facts of your case in detail and to help you understand the legal system and how your case will be handled.

If I hire you as my attorney, will you represent me in court?
ABSOLUTELY!  As your attorney, I will not simply manage or supervise your case by passing it off to another attorney to handle in court.  I will not make promises to you about your case or the outcome, then expect another attorney to fulfill those empty promises.  I will be with you in court EVERY time.  I will not send another attorney to do the work you hired me to do.  I am also available by phone any time you have a question.  I will actually represent you, not merely manage or supervise another attorney.

How do I select an attorney that is qualified and experienced to handle my case?
Ask questions during the initial consultation.  Ask about the attorney's experience.  Ask about similar cases.  Ask about recent results.  You need an experienced, aggressive attorney to represent you to obtain the best possible outcome of your case.  You need an attorney with the ability to represent you in a jury trial, not simply plea your case to a conviction.

If the police took my license, how am I able to drive?
You should have been given a "Notice of Suspension/Temporary Driving Permit" (DIC-25) when you were released.  If an ALR hearing is scheduled for you, this paper becomes your driver's license until your hearing.  Keep this Permit in your car when driving.  It is important to schedule this hearing to prevent the automatice suspension of your driver's license.  Call our office today!

If my license is suspended, can I get a license to drive?
You may be eligible for an Occupational Driver's License.  Call our office today!!!  If you drive on a suspended license, you risk being arrested AGAIN.  An Occupational Driver's License will allow you to drive legally until your suspension is over. 

Does your office have any testimonials?

Yes, however, beware of testimonials. Many times the testimonial concerns a case that was taken to trial or handled by an attorney that no longer works for that firm. When you are offered a testimonial, ask the attorney about the facts of the case and how the result was gained. In addition, all cases are different. The result of one case may not affect the outcome of every other case.  Regardless of testimonials, the attorney you hire will have to fight for YOU in your case.

I was arrested for a drug offense and my property was seized (money, cars, computers, etc.). 
Can you help me get it back?

YES, I can represent you in any asset forfeiture proceeding.  Law enforcement officers often seize property during a drug investigation, and the state will attempt to permanently seize this property in an asset forfeiture proceeding.  My office has handled asset forfeiture cases resulting in the return of property to the accused.  Call my office immediately to discuss the procedures for asset forfeiture cases.  The results of a civil asset forfeiture case may depend on the facts of your criminal case.  The result of one case will not determine the outcome of every other case.